3 months in

Ooof. Long time no writing! I'm taking this as a good sign, since life has yet to slow down in beautiful Boulder. Today (aka Sunday, when I started writing this. It is now Monday) is the first time in awhile where I can remember not having to set an alarm. I slept for 11 hours. It was amazing. 

It's crazy I've been in Colorado for three months. I've been in Boulder barely for two. While everything still feels so new and shiny, I also feel like I've been here for a long time. Interpret as you will.

Even as things stay excitedly busy, I've been able to continuously reflect on what moving and totally starting anew really feels like. I've learned more about myself in than last three months than...ever....by being exposed to so much change and challenge.

A photo I took in Rocky Mountain National Park that encompasses "challenge & change." JK but I like it.

A photo I took in Rocky Mountain National Park that encompasses "challenge & change." JK but I like it.

So..what has been going on?!! I landed a new job at a tech startup right in downtown Boulder. It's a great opportunity to learn a lot; everyone is really smart and good at what they do, and the culture is super fun. On the side, I'm volunteering with recent immigrants to help them with English and tactical skills, like how to open up a bank account & what to do and say if a cop pulls you over (too real). 

That said, I am learning more and more how important career is to me, and how I need to spend my time diving deep into things that drive me. I'm out here because I wanted the lifestyle change. Being in the mountains is healing and incredible. Yet, I really miss my work and old team back in New York. To make up for it, I constantly talk to old co-workers-turned great friends. Here's an example of a common conversation:


On the fitness front (since everyone is so damn active and athletic here) I joined a yoga studio, and have decided to do a teaching training in the spring :O!! It's something I've always, always wanted to do, and I fell in love with the Baptiste practice, along with all of the classes and teachers. It especially feels amazing when you're new to a city and can walk into a building and have people greet you with a big "Hi Laura!." It really has molded my experience in Boulder so far. 

However, I'm going about 3-4x/week and still wondering when I'll be able to do this stupid pose

I also discovered The Ascenders Project, a  fitness group that's pledging to become the Boulder chapter of The November Project. It's been AMAZING so far; we meet twice a week at 6:30am for trail runs, stair sprints, and other circuits with the beautiful mountains (and dark, cold weather) at our feet. It's definitely intense, but a great way to meet people and #justshowup. As I write this, I'm looking at the pile of running clothes I already have out for tomorrow's balmy weather forecast: high of 17° F.

On top of all the running, yoga'ing, and working, I've been focusing on putting myself in a constant stage of vulnerability and openness. I've been friend-dating like a champ, meeting interesting people through a variety of ways, and reaching out to see if they want to get coffee/go for a hike/adopt me. It's becoming more and more real that I moved out here knowing hardly anyone. I had such a strong community of people in my life in NY, and I consciously let that go. I miss my "old" friends and don't want new ones. Can everyone just move out here?

In other news, I gave up drinking (#2dayssober), and will be in New York in 2 weeks! AHH.