I feel really lucky to be where I am in my career. I'm not exactly sure how I got here, but for now I chalk it up to hard work, insane curiosity, and a lot of luck. 

If you're interested in working with me, shoot me an email: lschwecherl@gmail.com


My career truly began in 2011, when I was the 5th employee at Greatist, a health & lifestyle startup that went from 10 uniques a month to over 10 million/mo by the time I left. While there, I wrote some of the site's top performing articles, built our marketing and partnership strategy, and played a major role in shaping the brand and voice. (#Snark.)

While working at Greatist, I volunteered for Watsi, a global healthcare crowdfunding platform. This opportunity opened me up to the exciting world of nonprofit organizations who embody the soul of a technology startup, which is how I made my way to head marketing at Possible—a healthcare organization based in Nepal. 

During my time with Possible, I built the organization's first marketing & comms team, managed teammates in New York and Nepal, and created a monthly donor program that brings in over $100K/year. I also had the incredible opportunity to lead a partnership with The Atlantic and Cathay Pacific to produce three poignant articles on the Nepal earthquakes:

I currently work at Kapost, a B2B marketing OS, working with enterprises, mid-market companies, and influencers, to streamline marketing strategies. I also consult for the amazing folks at Briteweb, a branding & digital agency focused on the impact sector. For direct service, I volunteer with immigrants in the Boulder area via Intercambio.

With whatever time I have left, I freelance write for a variety of outlets—mainly writing about health science and work productivity. 

Here is an (incomplete) list of my writings that have been published. 

TIME: Why Athletes Can Handle More Pain

TIME: Can Meditation Make You Smarter?

The Washington Post: Love At First Sight May Have a Biological Basis

Skoll Foundation: Transparent Until It Hurts. What Does it Really Mean? 

ThoughtsWorks: Digitizing Healthcare in Rural Nepal

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