Writing has always been a core component of my life. It isn't something that is either inside or outside of work. Writing is a part of me, and I use it daily. Whether scribbling in my journal (and then publishing it?), producing website copy, conducting B2B content marketing best practices, or writing about the science of love at first sight or a man next to me on a plane, I've always used words as a means to best express myself.

With nearly a decade of experience in a variety of industries—ranging from a health and wellness media startup, to a global health organization, B2B tech company, and global entrepreneurship accelerator—my niche is writing for and marketing to specific target audiences to reach people the right way.  

What matters most—whether an eBook for you or a chapter in an unpublished memoir for me—is that I continually bring curiosity and authenticity to my words.

Here is a sampling of my writings that have been published. 



  • Reporting

  • Copywriting

  • Copyediting

  • Blogging

  • Ghost writing

  • Long-form

  • Research

  • Personal Essay/Memoir


  • Marketing strategy

  • Social media strategy

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Content marketing

  • Brand strategy and positioning


Resume, in writing form

My career truly began in 2011 in New York City. I was the 5th employee at Greatist, a health & lifestyle startup that went from 10 uniques a month to over 10 million/mo by the time I left. While there, I wrote some of the site's top performing articles, built our marketing and partnership strategy, and played a major role in shaping the brand and voice. (#Snark.)

While working at Greatist, I volunteered for Watsi, a global healthcare crowdfunding platform. This opportunity opened me up to the exciting world of nonprofit organizations who embody the soul of a technology startup, which is how I made my way to head marketing at Possible—a healthcare organization based in Nepal. 

During my time with Possible, I was given the opportunity to build the organization's first marketing & communications team. I managed teammates across New York and Nepal, and created a monthly donor program that currently generates over $100K/year. I also was able to lead a partnership with The Atlantic and Cathay Pacific to produce three poignant articles on the Nepal earthquakes:

I eventually and successfully escaped New York. I relocated to Boulder, Colorado. I first worked for a B2B technology company, Kapost, where my focus was working with enterprise companies to improve their content and sales enablement strategies. Simultaneously, I consulted for Briteweb, where I audited and implemented an internal marketing strategy to expand the creative agency’s visibility, drive leads, and establish the company as a thought-leader.

I made the leap and joined the Uncharted (formerly Unreasonable Institute) team. We run specific programs around specific problems (like education, access to healthcare, climate) and build collective movements of ventures, mentors, capital partners, governments, corporations, and partners around them, learning what it takes to make a significant dent in the issue.

After a year of leading the marketing team, I decided to continue as a part time consultant and flex my muscles in the freelance world, where I now consult and write for a variety of clients.

I look forward to working together. Send me an email to get started.